How to Apply

 We always consider adding to our Rodeo Team. But here are a few things that we will look at if and when we select anyone.

1. We want riders, that currently wear and support us.

2. You have to understand when we sponsor you, you are advertising for us. So we want someone that is willing to wear Rank Rags Apparel at Rodeos and help promote us

3. We are a small, up and coming business. There are 2 of us that design and make all of the Rank Rags Apparel. We do it in our own small town custom embroidery and screen printing shop. So, we currently DON'T HAVE MONEY to give as a sponsorship.

4. We only give Rank Rags Apparel as our sponsorship.

5. I know we don't get around the whole country, but we do appreciate when our riders are at a Rodeo we are set up at, that they come and see us. I do everything I can to watch when you ride and we are set up at the Rodeo.
I have found that we have become a THANKLESS SOCIETY, you would need to understand, that we are NOT a big corporation, we are a small town business, trying to make a modest living and help you out with some clothing cost. This is a major thing we look at when selecting team members. Although we may not be at your rodeo, someone that is selling our products in their booth may be there and without them too, there are no sponsorships.

6. PLEASE, Do not email or message us about sponsoring you. I am old fashion and want you to take the time and write us a letter. State who you are, what events you do, how long you have performed, you Rodeo achievements and anything else you feel will help you get noticed over the other applicants. DO NOT SEND ME A FORM LETTER, I can spot them a mile away and they will be discarded.

Mail to:
Tom Thibodeau
Rank Rags
Box 464
Clarissa, Mn 56440

7. We appreciate the time and effort you are putting into you rodeo dream, we would like you to appreciate, the time, effort and money we are putting into our dream also.

Every year we were set up at over 30 Rodeos, and over 80+ Rodeo Performances, so we are working hard to promote and grow our brand. We have spent the money to legally register the Trademark of RANK RAGS. There are a lot of small and big businesses out there chasing the same dream we have, so we will fight for our brand and against anyone that is infringing on our brand. Because when you wear our brand we don't want anyone to confuse us with any brand that isn't family friendly or inappropriate to wear.

8. Please don't bug us if, when or who we have picked to add to our Rank Rags Rodeo Team.   We will notify you if you are selected. Then if you agree to our dream and goals, like we are of yours, then we will post it on our page.

9. I know, all of you may not like our requirements, but we are putting our time and money in you as you are doing the same with us. As the first requirements state, we need more people to be purchasing Rank Rags, that is what pays for these sponsorships.

Thank You for your interest and good luck on being added to our Rank Rags Rodeo Team.